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FjordStrong successfully responded to a government tender request for the provision of 20 BRUV units with training and product support. As part of this project, fishers were to be trained in the use of BRUVs, as a means to both ease the pressure on local stocks of spiny lobster, and to reduce the use of non-selective tangle nets which are proving detrimental to local elasmobranch populations, while improving monitoring efforts of the latter. Additionally, BRUVs were designed to allow monitoring of new pot designs to observe interactions with various species.
Upon receiving notification that we were successful in our tender response, FjordStrong got to work updating, streamlining and scaling up our manufacturing process for our bespoke Baited Remote Underwater Videos. As requested by the tender, each unit would be required to withstand current speeds associated with the west coast of Ireland, and be suitable for monitoring elasmobranchs, crustaceans and finfish, with modifications to facilitate observations of spiny lobster around new trap designs.
Our team proudly hand-delivered 20 “ready-to-deploy BRUV kits”, complete with full chandlery setups and appropriate electronics to facilitate back-to-back deployments at sea.
We also conducted an on-site training day with local fishers and MI staff where we showcased the technology (including stereo photogrammetry) and successfully observed various elasmobranchs during test deployments.
User guides and field reference materials were also supplied and follow up assistance was ensured.
“FjordStrong BRUV’s reliability and ease of use have significantly contributed to the success of our objectives. Highly recommended for any research or monitoring needs”
Marine Institute

Explore the range of services we provided for this project: 

Marine Surveys

FjordStrong provides a suite of non-destructive tools and methodologies for assessing marine biodiversity, tailored to your requirements. In light of the ongoing biodiversity crisis caused by anthropogenic pressures and climate change, there is an increasing urgency to understand local biodiversity and population dynamics, including demographic trends and biomass estimates. We provide a range of robust, non-destructive biodiversity surveys to suit your needs, providing a rapid and cost-effective alternative to traditional destructive techniques. With an in-house elasmobranch expert team, benthic ecologists and fisheries scientists, our team can work with you to bridging the knowledge gap and taking the first steps towards a better ocean.

Consultancy & Data Processing

FjordStrong is deeply committed to Elasmobranch Conservation, employing advanced techniques to study and safeguard these vital components of the oceanic web. Drawing on the expertise of the QUB Marine Lab, Regional Flapper Skate Working Group and Elasmobranch Strategy Group, our team comprises specialists in elasmobranch fisheries interactions, bycatch reduction and monitoring, distribution modelling, and acoustic tagging and biotelemetry. Our commitment extends beyond assessment to proactive strategies, ensuring sustainable practices that protect elasmobranch populations and enhance our understanding of these sentinel species and their crucial role in our oceans.

Consultancy & Data Processing

FjordStrong’s experienced team excels in delivering comprehensive solutions that harmonise the interests of both industry and conservation for effective Fisheries Management. Proficient in analysing fisheries data, conducting stock assessments, and advising on resource management, our team focuses on collaborative solutions. FjordStrong offers zero-impact tools that not only complement current methods but also aim to replace more destructive approaches, thereby enhancing the sustainability of fisheries.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Building strong relationships with stakeholders is essential for successful environmental projects. FjordStrong understands the significance of Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach, offering tailored strategies to find and connect with diverse stakeholders, from local communities to regulatory bodies. Our team fosters collaboration, ensuring that projects align with community values and regulatory expectations. At FjordStrong, we have a track record of setting up working groups and a strong network of stakeholders, fostering lasting relationships that contribute to the success of environmental initiatives.

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