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FjordStrong welcomes professional collaborations with environmental consultancies who share our commitment to zero-impact methodologies. Through close client partnerships, we combine our core values with your needs: sustainability, science-led advice and collaboration. Let our expert team tackle the challenging logistics of the marine environment, providing bespoke datasets and comprehensive reporting that addresses specific environmental challenges. With our track record of delivering on time, our solutions are ready to integrate into your supply chain and help expedite the pathway to regulatory compliance and sustainable monitoring programs.

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Sustainable Surveys

Our commitment to zero-impact and low-carbon methods ensures your project remains at the forefront of the drive towards sustainability.

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University-Backed Expertise

As a commercial spinout from QUB, our evidence-based approach benefits from ready access to University resources and additional expertise.

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Comprehensive Support

From project inception to completion, our team will guide your project to success, with a proven track record of delivering on budget and on time.

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Rapid & Cost-Effective Surveys

Our focus on innovative video-based solutions offers swift and affordable results, saving time and costs compared to traditional surveys.

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Bespoke and Portable

Deployable from small boats and designed for fast currents and moderate visibility, our solutions tackle challenging areas such as MPAs and OWFs.

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Data Souvenirs

Benefit from secure digital records to unlock project potential through enhanced QC, data repurposing and impactful visual dissemination.

Explore the tailored services we provide for Multi-Disciplinary Consultants.

Marine Surveys

Using bait to attract wide-roaming wildlife into the survey platform, our bespoke Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) systems are tailored to perform under the high current speeds encountered in the North East Atlantic. Rated to a depth of 250 meters, they are a rapid and cost effective tool for surveying marine biodiversity, with dual independent lights facilitating round the clock surveying.

Our stereo-imaging techniques are optimised for moderate turbidity levels, allowing our analysts to take accurate measurements through a technique known as photogrammetry without removing specimens from their habitat. Covering both the demersal and pelagic regions, our BRUVs can provide reliable data on:

  • Species Inventories
  • Accurate Measurements and Biomass Estimates
  • Relative Abundances
  • Species Interactions
  • Temporal Changes and Patterns
  • Growth Rates and Overall Condition
Marine Surveys

Fjordstrong aims to complement human activities with the natural world, striving for a healthier, more resilient marine environment in balance with prosperous Blue Growth. Comprehensive planning from the beginning not only leads to cost savings but also improves the quality of the outcome for the environment the client and stakeholders alike. Navigating the consenting requirements successfully is a challenging process that requires meticulous assessments. FjordStrong’s team are here to help you, expediting the process with our experience preparing EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments), Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), HRAs (Habitat Regulation Assessments) and LSE assessments (Likely
Significant Effect) for proposed projects.

From desk-based assessments to in-situ data collection, our services can help expedite the consenting process, while identifying hidden challenges and proposing mitigation strategies. Our commitment to zero-impact methodologies ensures your project remains at the forefront of the drive towards sustainability.

Marine Surveys

FjordStrong provides an affordable, zero-impact, reliable solution for measurements of marine specimens in-situ. Using our stereo-imaging cameras, specifically designed to perform in areas of moderate turbidity such as the North East Atlantic, our analysts generate 3D point clouds of the target. With a proven high accuracy at ranges up to 6 metres we offer our clients non-extractive in-situ tool as an alternative to other destructive, lethal and costly methods. Reliable measurements of wildlife can be converted into biomass estimates, condition factors, and determination of developmental stages. Similarly, multi-annual measurements can be used to estimate growth rates, ideal for fragile species such as hard corals.

Marine Surveys

Climate change is already impacting the environmental conditions in the ocean which in turn has seen changes in ecosystems, species, habitats, tourism, coastal communities and fisheries. Understanding our oceans, and the variables that affect our oceans’ biodiversity are fundamental for protecting and supporting recovery. Accurate and reliable environmental data facilitates understanding and monitoring the drivers of change. At FjordStong, we have the flexibility to integrate a full suite of oceanographic and environmental measurements into your project, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Understanding the intricate relationship between marine habitats and species at all life stages is crucial for effective conservation and management. FjordStrong specialises in Habitat Suitability Modelling, employing sophisticated methodologies with specific attention to Bayesian and integrative approaches to analyse environmental variables and predict optimal habitats for various species. Our expertise ensures precise assessments, allowing for informed decision-making in habitat conservation and restoration efforts.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Selecting the right site for marine projects is a critical step in minimising environmental impact. FjordStrong offers horough assessments to identify locations that balance project needs with ecological sensitivity. Our expert team employs zero-impact methodologies, ensuring that chosen sites align with regulatory requirements and contribute positively to marine environments. Beyond traditional assessments, we offer cost-effective tools for mapping areas in terms of bathymetry, substrate, and associated biodiversity. This versatility is relevant for the placement of wind farms, MPAs, cable corridors, dredging, and habitat restoration efforts, providing a comprehensive understanding of site suitability factors.

Consultancy & Data Processing

In addition to generating our own data through zero-impact methods, FjordStrong extends our technical expertise and domain knowledge to provide comprehensive assessments of third-party datasets. Our team employs advanced analytical techniques to distil complex data into clear, actionable reports that uncover valuable patterns, trends, and insights. Get in touch to see how we can help your project navigate the challenges with biodiversity data to make informed decisions that contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is a powerful tool for visualising and analysing spatial data in marine environments. Our expert team leverages our experience, technical expertise, and domain knowledge to create customised maps tailored to your specific needs, facilitating a deeper understanding of spatial relationships and supporting informed environmental management strategies. Get in touch to see how FjordStrong can combine biodiversity data and geospatial information to provide precise GIS mapping solutions that elevate the effectiveness of your marine projects.


Nature-based solutions present a holistic strategy for tackling environmental challenges, and FjordStrong is committed to incorporating these solutions into marine consultancy. Our team understands the inherent potential of nature-based solutions in cultivating resilience and sustainability in the marine environment and harnessing nature to address both the climate and biodiversity crisis. At FjordStrong, we can integrate nature-based solutions into your unique project needs, from habitat restoration to sustainable blue growth. By taking inspiration from nature, mitigation and adaptive strategies can not only safeguard marine biodiversity, but human well-being and enhance industry sustainability.

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eDNA Ground-Truthing and Six Gill Sharks Survey

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Fisheries Engagement and Conservation Research at the Marine Institute

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Orkney Egg Case Survey

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Tender for North Coast Elasmobranch Survey

Discover how FjordStrong’s expert consultancy services can elevate your marine projects, tailored specifically to your unique requirements.
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