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As a spin out from a research university, we provide access to state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise, and robust scientific advice. We welcome collaborations with research groups and thrive on optimising and validating innovative marine methods. With Scientific Integrity at the core of our values, we aim to help develop and deliver innovative solutions that have the potential to bloster marine ecosystems. With FjordStrong you can guarantee scientific integrity that is reliable, while benefiting from our rapid response times and adaptability as an SME.

Nature-based solutions present a holistic strategy for tackling environmental challenges, and FjordStrong is committed to incorporating these solutions into marine consultancy. Our team understands the inherent potential of nature-based solutions in cultivating resilience and sustainability in the marine environment and harnessing nature to address both the climate and biodiversity crisis. At FjordStrong, we can integrate nature-based solutions into your unique project needs, from habitat restoration to sustainable blue growth. By taking inspiration from nature, mitigation and adaptive strategies can not only safeguard marine biodiversity, but human well-being and enhance industry sustainability.

Identification and understanding of the potential impacts of human activities on marine wildlife is critical for responsible and sustainable choices. FjordStrong specialises in conducting thorough impact surveys in diverse marine environments. As a team, we have conducted surveys to evaluate the impacts of wind farms on wildlife, assess the effects of noise and pollution on the environment, and delve into considerations related to proximity to stressors. Our expertise extends to evaluating changes in fisheries management measures and understanding the effects of Marine Protected Area (MPA) closures on the surrounding ecosystem and biodiversity. By employing state-of-the-art video technology and zero-impact methodologies, FjordStrong can assess the effects of projects on marine ecosystems and gain valuable insights that empowers sustainable decision-making.

Accurate ecological models can inform decision-making and marine management, and collecting reliable and relevant data is the fundamental building block to develop robust ecological models. Our team are trained in advanced video technology and zero-impact methodologies, ensuring precise and comprehensive data acquisition. At FjordStrong we have a track record of generating appropriate input data for models, including but not limited to habitat suitability models, species distribution model, allometric morphological models and oceanographic models. FjordStrong provides the essential data for ecological models that stand up to scrutiny, empowering your organisation with data-driven insights for effective environmental stewardship.

At FjordStrong, we understand the importance of thoroughly testing, validating, optimising, and improving new approaches to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, using cutting-edge technology and methodologies in the marine environment. Our expertise and experience includes ground truthing methods such as eDNA sample collection, video survey for acoustic detections, elasmobranch tagging, and identification of egg-laying grounds. FjordStrong will not only keep pace with the latest advancements but also contribute to shaping the future of sustainable marine solutions with passion and expertise.

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eDNA Ground-Truthing and Six Gill Sharks Survey

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Fisheries Engagement and Conservation Research at the Marine Institute

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Orkney Egg Case Survey

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Tender for North Coast Elasmobranch Survey

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