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FjordStrong’s vision is to fast-forward marine conservation efforts using non-destructive and sustainable approaches. Through successful collaborations with eNGOS, we continue to demonstrate our core values: sustainability, science-led advice and collaboration. With a focus on affordable video-based technologies, our expertise can drive monitoring programs and restoration activities, including habitat mapping and biodiversity assessments. Our approach aims to address the biodiversity and climate crisis simultaneously, ensuring our results are evidence-based focused and can underpin action and direct change, with visually effective outputs that can assist NGOs in advocating for ocean stewardship from stakeholders in hope of a brighter future for our oceans.

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Sustainable Surveys

Our commitment to zero-impact and low-carbon methods ensures your project remains at the forefront of the drive towards sustainability.

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University-Backed Expertise

As a commercial spinout from QUB, our evidence-based approach benefits from ready access to University resources and additional expertise.

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Comprehensive Support

From project inception to completion, our team will guide your project to success, with a proven track record of delivering on budget and on time.

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Rapid & Cost-Effective Surveys

Our focus on innovative video-based solutions offers swift and affordable results, saving time and costs compared to traditional surveys.

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Bespoke and Portable

Deployable from small boats and designed for fast currents and moderate visibility, our solutions tackle challenging areas such as MPAs and OWFs.

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Data Souvenirs

Benefit from secure digital records to unlock project potential through enhanced QC, data repurposing and impactful visual dissemination.

Explore the tailored services we provide for NGOs.

Marine Surveys

At FjordStrong, our expertise covers taxonomic identification of species and communities, alongside characterisation of the abiotic and physical environment they live in using nationally recognised classification protocols such as JNCC and EUNIS. By collecting data using non-destructive methods such as ROVs and tow-fish cameras, we can systematically identify, predict and compare habitat distribution and ecosystems using a standardised methodology, while preserving the integrity of the area. Such knowledge underpins MPA monitoring, assessing conservation-value of sites, and licensing of industry activities.

Marine Surveys

Invasive species have the potential to be a major threat to marine ecosystems, biodiversity, as well as economic and societal implications. The balance of the marine world is fragile, even the smallest external factor can disrupt an entire ecosystem. At FjordStrong we understand the necessity to gather scientific information on invasive marine species and assess any perceived risks before the impact is irreversible. Our team have a strong taxonomic background, allowing us to accurately identify native and non-native species while assessing their potential for invasiveness. Additionally we can provide abundance estimates, habitat preference, potential impact and ultimately monitor and provide mitigation plans if required. 

Consultancy & Data Processing

FjordStrong is deeply committed to Elasmobranch Conservation, employing advanced techniques to study and safeguard these vital components of the oceanic web. Drawing on the expertise of the QUB Marine Lab, Regional Flapper Skate Working Group and Elasmobranch Strategy Group, our team comprises specialists in elasmobranch fisheries interactions, bycatch reduction and monitoring, distribution modelling, and acoustic tagging and biotelemetry. Our commitment extends beyond assessment to proactive strategies, ensuring sustainable practices that protect elasmobranch populations and enhance our understanding of these sentinel species and their crucial role in our oceans.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Mapping the distribution of marine species is fundamental to informed decision-making in conservation and management strategies. FjordStrong offers Species Distribution Modelling, utilising advanced techniques with specific attention to Bayesian and integrative approaches to analyse ecological factors and predict the presence of a species. Our team delivers accurate predictions, guiding effective conservation measures and supporting the sustainable use of marine resources.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Building strong relationships with stakeholders is essential for successful environmental projects. FjordStrong understands the significance of Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach, offering tailored strategies to find and connect with diverse stakeholders, from local communities to regulatory bodies. Our team fosters collaboration, ensuring that projects align with community values and regulatory expectations. At FjordStrong, we have a track record of setting up working groups and a strong network of stakeholders, fostering lasting relationships that contribute to the success of environmental initiatives.

Consultancy & Data Processing

In addition to generating our own data through zero-impact methods, FjordStrong extends our technical expertise and domain knowledge to provide comprehensive assessments of third-party datasets. Our team employs advanced analytical techniques to distil complex data into clear, actionable reports that uncover valuable patterns, trends, and insights. Get in touch to see how we can help your project navigate the challenges with biodiversity data to make informed decisions that contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems.

Consultancy & Data Processing

Transforming complex multi-dimensional environmental data into easily understandable visuals is a key aspect of effective communication and stakeholder involvement. Our expert team crafts visual narratives that simplify complex information, making it accessible to diverse audiences. With FjordStrong, you can be confident that your environmental data will be presented with clarity and impact, enhancing your ability to convey important insights and drive positive change.


Nature-based solutions present a holistic strategy for tackling environmental challenges, and FjordStrong is committed to incorporating these solutions into marine consultancy. Our team understands the inherent potential of nature-based solutions in cultivating resilience and sustainability in the marine environment and harnessing nature to address both the climate and biodiversity crisis. At FjordStrong, we can integrate nature-based solutions into your unique project needs, from habitat restoration to sustainable blue growth. By taking inspiration from nature, mitigation and adaptive strategies can not only safeguard marine biodiversity, but human well-being and enhance industry sustainability.

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eDNA Ground-Truthing and Six Gill Sharks Survey

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Fisheries Engagement and Conservation Research at the Marine Institute

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Orkney Egg Case Survey

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Tender for North Coast Elasmobranch Survey

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